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October 28, 2012

Week 4: Analytics and Big Data in Education

Introduction - Week Four

Capturing and analyzing data has changed how decisions are made and resources are allocated in businesses, journalism, government, and military and intelligence fields. Through better use of data, leaders are able to plan and enact strategies with greater clarity and confidence. Data is a value point that drives increased organizational efficiency and a competitive advantage. Simply, analytics provide new insight and actionable intelligence. Companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Google, and Amazon are investing heavily in technologies and techniques in helping individuals and organizations makes sense of, and unlock the value within, big data. 

In education, the use of data and analytics to improve learning is referred to as learning analytics. Analytics have not yet made the impact on education that they have made in other fields. That’s changing. Software companies, researchers, educators, and university leaders are starting to recognize the value of data in improving not only teaching and learning, but the entire education industry.

Readings & Resources - Week Four

Angela van BarneveldKimberly Arnold, and John P. Campbell, “Analytics in Higher Education: Establishing a Common Language,” EDUCAUSE White Paper, January 2012.

Philip Long and George Siemens, “Penetrating the Fog: Analytics in Learning and Education,” Educause Review, September 2011. Overview of analytics and its potential to provide data and evidence for the development of particular practices and interactions in course design and interaction design.

Eric Kunnen and John Fritz, “Using Analytics to Intervene with Underperforming College Students,” EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative Annual Meeting, January 2010.

Open learning analytics: http://solaresearch.org/OpenLearningAnalytics.pdf 

State of Learning Analytics: http://kmi.open.ac.uk/publications/techreport/kmi-12-01

Activities - Week Four

Use your blog or the Week Four Discussion Forum to share your thoughts about the impact of data analytics on education: is it a fad? What are the consequences of data-driven education? How does (or should) this drive change in higher education?

Join us for a Twitter chat on #cfhe12 on Thursday, Nov. 1 at 7 pm Mountain time (9 PM Eastern)


All speaker sessions will be held here: http://bit.ly/CFHE12Live

Tues, Oct 30, 11 am Eastern: John Baker, D2L. The Desire2Learn Story: Problem Finding, Passion, Perseverance (See time conversions: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20121030T11&p1=250)

Wed, Oct 31: 12:00 pm Eastern, Erik Duval (See time zone conversions: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20121031T17&p1=48)

Thurs, Nov 1: 12:00 pm Eastern, Simon Buckingham Shum (see time zone conversions: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20121101T16&p1=136

Thurs, Nov 1: 5 pm Eastern, Caroline Haythornthwaite (see time zone conversions: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20121101T14&p1=256)  [Comment]

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Last Post
Scott, Notes from #CFHE12
I'm bailing on #CFHE12. This is my 4th MOOC. It is not what I had hoped for. I really did give it a shot, but the content just wasn't there for me. The discussion seems to be about learning and teaching styles of 2012, just done online. Far from revolutionary.To end on a positive note. A colleague sent me the "The 'Cost Disease' in Higher Education: Is Technology the Answer?" "The 'Cost Disease' i... [Link] 2012-10-28T12:42:00.003-07:00 [Comment]

The everlasting fear of new
Maja, Professor DI Dr. Maja Pivec
Enjoying the “hospitality” of half an hour free internet access of the Munich airport, I came across the tweet of my fellow #CFHE12 MOOC participant Apostolos K. ‏@koutropoulos Why is there fear and angst that MOOCs will replace traditional higher Ed? referring with this question to the blog post http://bit.ly/SqzDj9 Might [...] [Link] Sun, 28 Oct 2012 19:09:29 +0000 [Comment]

CFHE12 Week 3 Analysis: Exploring the Twitter network through tweets
Martin Hawksey, JISC CETIS MASHe
Taking an ego-centric approach to Twitter contributions to CFHE12 looking at how activity data can be extracted and used [Link] Sun, 28 Oct 2012 15:35:17 +0000 [Comment]

Twitter Posts

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@BryanAlexander tweeted: Looking forward to #CFHE12 week 4. Hope #Sandy doesn't keep me away. 2012-10-29T02:34:47Z

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@Tercumanm tweeted: RT @ClaudioDarin: RT @ClaudioDarin: #CFHE12 Universities and HEI mus embrace hybrid and blended approaches, students want it, the world needs it only facu ... 2012-10-28T23:28:22Z

@robinwb tweeted: The Future of Learning, Networked Society - Ericsson - YouTube - http://t.co/xBtZMbcO #cfhe12 2012-10-28T23:50:29Z

@robinwb tweeted: RT @martinlugton: Neat overview of one teacher's experience with connectivist MOOCs http://t.co/JAXlwbqj #mooc #cfhe12 2012-10-28T23:46:57Z

@robinwb tweeted: RT @inform_ed: #MOOC as Networked Textbook and a look back at the feedbook via @xEDBook #edchat http://t.co/ou8aDNxZ #cfhe12 2012-10-28T23:44:42Z

@robinwb tweeted: RT @anacristinaprts: MOOC Meetup Groups Point To A Blended (Online + Community) Learning Model http://t.co/6Z43I0h8 #MOOC #cfhe12 2012-10-28T23:43:51Z

@mark_mcguire tweeted: "University of the Future: ... profound change" (Ernst & Young, Australia) Article: http://t.co/8VyehWQE PDF: http://t.co/1CNkJuzg #CFHE12 2012-10-28T22:25:11Z

@rmit_csit tweeted: A MOOC on how MOOCs will affect HE and social media http://t.co/0R1I6w8H #CFHE12 #HigherEd #edtech #ictev #edchat #teaching #learning 2012-10-28T20:26:11Z

@Jessifer tweeted: RT @VanessaVaile: RT @VanessaVaile: MOOP it up! Massive Open Online Program: …Is it a bird, a plane, a #mooc? #CFHE12, another #moocmooc or a Franke... ht ... 2012-10-28T19:46:38Z

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@networkedres tweeted: RT @mhawksey CFHE12 Week 3 Analysis: Exploring the Twitter network through tweets #cfhe12 http://t.co/xfGjDQvZ 2012-10-28T17:17:45Z

@shaned07 tweeted: RT @mhawksey: RT @mhawksey: CFHE12 Week 3 Analysis: Exploring the Twitter network through tweets #cfhe12 http://t.co/kwZVqAtb 2012-10-28T17:12:33Z

@mhawksey tweeted: CFHE12 Week 3 Analysis: Exploring the Twitter network through tweets #cfhe12 http://t.co/kwZVqAtb 2012-10-28T15:38:10Z

@thuramg tweeted: RT @mhawksey: RT @mhawksey: RT @anoush: Big Data: Five Trendy Open Source Technologies http://t.co/wJnCeGb5 via @allisonl #cfhe12 2012-10-28T12:24:20Z

@mhawksey tweeted: RT @anoush: Big Data: Five Trendy Open Source Technologies http://t.co/wJnCeGb5 via @allisonl #cfhe12 2012-10-28T11:30:33Z

@rhollingsworth tweeted: Musings on MOOCs by Jeff Rice, Martha B. Reynolds Endowed Prof in Writing, Rhetoric & Digital Media at U of KY http://t.co/CWVJMPAw #CFHE12 2012-10-28T12:44:56Z

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