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October 18, 2012

A Penny for your Thoughts: Higher Learning in the Conceptual Age.

Today's live online session will be held in Collaborate (yes, that's right - no signups, no registration, just attend).

We are pleased to welcome Erica McWilliam, who will speak on the topic of "A Penny for your Thoughts: Higher Learning in the Conceptual Age."

Time: October 18, 7:00 p.m. EDT (your time zone here)

Location: Collaborate - click here to attend

Erica McWilliam’s career has involved four decades as a secondary teacher, teacher educator and writer, moving from two decades in the schooling sector to a professorial role as an educational leader in the Queensland University of Technology, Australia, and in Singapore at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang University. She continues to play a leading role in the Creative Workforce 2.0 Research Program in the ARC’s Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation.


Participants' Blog Posts

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iSEAL: An example of technology facilitating alternative approaches to education
Cultivating Change Community, Cultivating Change Community » #CFHE12
Picking up on Abram’s challenge to chime in with a response to this week’s materials and share examples of how we’re attempting to do some of this, here’s what’s happening at the University of Minnesota’s newest coordinate campus in Rochester… … Continue reading → [Link] Fri, 19 Oct 2012 02:38:51 +0000 [Comment]

Finishing Up #CFHE12 Week 1 – Economics, Ed Futures, & Bucking Tradition
Rolin Moe, All MOOCs, All The Time
Finishing up the readings from #cfhe12 Week 1. The Siege of Academe:  A piece on the edtech startups dotting the Silicon Valley landscape, and what they mean (or don’t mean) to the future of higher education as we know it.  The piece comes from the perspective of the innovators (stereotyped here as twentysomethings straight out [...] [Link] Thu, 18 Oct 2012 22:15:17 +0000 [Comment]

Twitter Posts

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@JonathanEMartin tweeted: "Learners may engage more effectively by finding/sharing resources & seeing how others respond" @KateMfD http://t.co/fRvuIvwk #cfhe12 2012-10-19T02:13:57Z

@gsiemens tweeted: Erica McWilliam will be presenting here on "Higher Learning in the Conceptual Age" in 5 min https://t.co/ytc3vsyx #cfhe12 2012-10-18T23:17:19Z

@Markfchris tweeted: http://t.co/cmQclXtA #cfhe12 @uts http://t.co/BGiLQLsT 2012-10-18T23:34:50Z

@JonathanEMartin tweeted: RT @onlinelearningI: RT @onlinelearningI: Coffee Houses in 19th century were considered 'nodes' for learning #CFHE12 Erica McWilliam: Educators can learn fr ... 2012-10-18T23:29:52Z

@onlinelearningI tweeted: Coffee Houses in 19th century were considered 'nodes' for learning #CFHE12 Erica McWilliam: Educators can learn from 'Cafe Proprietors' 2012-10-18T23:27:16Z

@JonathanEMartin tweeted: "the historical antecedent of life-long learning is not the university, it is the coffee-house/cafe." Erica McWilliam #cfhe12 2012-10-18T23:22:08Z

@JonathanEMartin tweeted: Quoting 12th graders: "We don't think we'll go to university; we're too busy learning." Erica McWilliam, #cfhe12 2012-10-18T23:19:28Z

@hychan_edu tweeted: RT @gsiemens: RT @gsiemens: Erica McWilliam will be presenting here on "Higher Learning in the Conceptual Age" in 5 min https://t.co/ytc3vsyx #cfhe12 2012-10-19T00:07:33Z

@AlisonSeaman tweeted: .@onlinelearningI Even before 19th C... :) #CFHE12 2012-10-18T23:49:45Z

@AlisonSeaman tweeted: Newton dissected a dolphin in one! http://t.co/4oXDsbl4 MT @onlinelearningI: 19th C Coffeehouses were considerd 'nodes' for learning #CFHE12 2012-10-18T23:46:09Z

@JonathanEMartin tweeted: "A Penny for your Thoughts: Higher Learning in the Conceptual Age" starting now: https://t.co/ku2jTfu2 Part of the #cfhe12 MOOC 2012-10-18T23:01:27Z

@RMoeJo tweeted: Finishing Up #CFHE12 Week 1 - Economics, Ed Futures, & Bucking Tradition http://t.co/G02wGCCQ 2012-10-18T22:15:22Z

@FSIBC tweeted: In the antechamber of hope: Higher and distance education and (un)employment (#CFHE12) http://t.co/FofLCTs4 via @wordpressdotcom 2012-10-18T21:59:26Z

@dieGoerelebt tweeted: @koutropoulos oh, thanks for mentioning my post. I hope to find the time for blogging about #cfhe12 at the weekend 2012-10-18T21:41:18Z

@dieGoerelebt tweeted: RT @robinwb: RT @robinwb: 3 Lessons from a Massively Open Online Course - #cfhe12 http://t.co/FJf9mc2i 2012-10-18T21:42:25Z

@BryanAlexander tweeted: Term for the day: Watsonizing. http://t.co/knC96SIx attn #CFHE12 2012-10-18T20:00:19Z

@geoffcain tweeted: Closing Open Ed with State Authorization Rules: http://t.co/NOvmQSfa #cfhe12 #mooc #opened12 2012-10-18T18:18:43Z

@bonjohnston tweeted: Why problems? "High-school shop-class programs dismantled in '90s as educators prepared students to become 'knowledge workers'" #cfhe12 2012-10-18T18:12:42Z

@ahsob tweeted: @geoffcain Closing Open Ed with State Authorization Rules: Brainstorm in Progress- http://t.co/xU2TZwup #cfhe12 #mooc #opened12 2012-10-18T18:47:16Z

@whitneykilgore tweeted: @verenanz @robinwb If you are interested in net pedagogy, check out #etop12 Mico-MOOC http://t.co/MEYtRUDq #edtech #MOOC #cfhe12 2012-10-18T18:37:58Z

@xPat_Letters tweeted: RT @MKBefus: RT @MKBefus: “@NIAdultLearning: #cfhe12 #Oped12 http://t.co/YSUhgJZm MN bans Coursera, other online resources!” 2012-10-18T18:36:27Z

@bonjohnston tweeted: #cfhe12 is asking the wrong questions. 2012-10-18T18:31:39Z

@bonjohnston tweeted: 20 years of ideology where must go to college, then to cubicle work in information economy. Denies our very material reality.#cfhe12 dropout 2012-10-18T18:21:19Z

@VCVaileNFM tweeted: RT @bonjohnston: RT @bonjohnston: #cfhe12 is asking the wrong questions. 2012-10-18T19:21:25Z

@MKBefus tweeted: “@bmuramatsu: Closing the loop on EduBlogs shutdown earlier this week #craziness Carolina's #OpenEd12 http://t.co/XiEnnuns#cfhe12 #Oped12 2012-10-18T17:28:31Z

@umdatalib tweeted: Huh. No Coursera for MN? http://t.co/zPMCaz1u #cfhe12 h/t @substars 2012-10-18T17:12:06Z

@MKBefus tweeted: “@Reuvencarlyle: http://t.co/77s3EzyP. BC gov't joins with WA and CA...open textbooks and educational resources!” #opened12 #cfhe12 #Oped12 2012-10-18T16:55:47Z

@bonjohnston tweeted: Dropped out of #cfhe12 when I started reading the book, Shop Class as Soul Craft: An Inquiry into the Value of Work http://t.co/ZugFKFfK , 2012-10-18T18:06:03Z

@barrydahl tweeted: @koutropoulos Here is today's #CFHE12 newsletter. I'm getting mine delivered every day. Archives of previous days: http://t.co/hIIIJRZK 2012-10-18T17:46:26Z

@HallyMk1 tweeted: Essayed: On carbon democracy and the future of higher education http://t.co/BaOM9emj #cfhe12 #lovehe #peakoil 2012-10-18T17:41:22Z

@MKBefus tweeted: “@NIAdultLearning: #cfhe12 #Oped12 http://t.co/YSUhgJZm MN bans Coursera, other online resources!” 2012-10-18T17:29:34Z

@MKBefus tweeted: “@QFIntl: Great initiative--a guide to creating collaborative open textbooks http://t.co/9FvHNHFY #OpenEd12 @siyavula#cfhe12 #Oped12 2012-10-18T16:26:35Z

@koutropoulos tweeted: I have to say, #d2l forum group only giving 20 threads per page seems very limiting in a MOOC #cfhe12 2012-10-18T15:52:02Z

@koutropoulos tweeted: missed a number of #cfhe12 live sessions and no recording yet. #bummer :( 2012-10-18T15:47:04Z

@barrydahl tweeted: "With two billion users online worldwide, the globe may soon experience a different resource crisis, a lack of bandwidth." #SCUP #CFHE12 2012-10-18T14:39:18Z

@barrydahl tweeted: "Increasingly, institutions need to consider how to handle the intellectual property rights of students." SCUP Trends in Higher Ed #CFHE12 2012-10-18T14:36:08Z

@koutropoulos tweeted: I haven't seen a #cfhe12 daily newsletter in 2 days. What gives? :-/ 2012-10-18T15:05:06Z

@lmockford tweeted: Great free online distance education book. Global perspective. #cfhe12 http://t.co/EufLTOIR 2012-10-18T15:01:11Z

@dchristian5 tweeted: Mindblowing implications!!! "IBM’s Watson expands commercial applications, aims to go mobile" #CFHE12 -- http://t.co/3fBYiwau 2012-10-18T14:53:32Z

@barrydahl tweeted: K-12 students: re: mobile devices - see greater opportunities for learning than do either their teachers or IT administrators. #SCUP #CFHE12 2012-10-18T14:41:06Z

@geoffcain tweeted: Up early to virtually catch up on #opened12 conference and class #cfhe12. Annoyed by Minn. State Authorization story: http://t.co/2DPWnHGE 2012-10-18T13:34:36Z

@bdean1000 tweeted: A personal experience left me longing for a little more competency-based learning - http://t.co/C9zgBgEK #CFHE12 2012-10-18T12:48:21Z

@robinwb tweeted: Interested in net pedagogy try this micro-mooc http://t.co/Jhhv8BWJ #cfhe12 #etop12 2012-10-18T10:42:55Z

@boursinou tweeted: Should I stay or should I go? http://t.co/Cg14hElX #CFHE12 2012-10-18T11:00:00Z

@robinwb tweeted: lots of PLE Diagrams http://t.co/TpzEAExX from @courosa #CFHE12 #etop12 2012-10-18T10:58:21Z

@gsiemens tweeted: RT @boursinou: RT @boursinou: Should I stay or should I go? http://t.co/Cg14hElX #CFHE12 2012-10-18T11:19:23Z

@olavur tweeted: MT @bdean1000: @barrydahl I'm a fan of "promising practices", especially given the fact that learning is dynamic and contextual. #CFHE12 2012-10-18T07:35:53Z

@olavur tweeted: RT @barrydahl: There's that "best practices" term again. How abt Effective Practices? Especially when doing something very different #CFHE12 2012-10-18T07:34:31Z

@olavur tweeted: RT @saadat_m: U. of Texas aims to use MOOCs to reduce costs, increase completion http://t.co/x17oUkom #CFHE12 #oped2012 #MOOC #edtech 2012-10-18T07:30:33Z

@KAGE999 tweeted: @davecormier UCF achievements inspirational for online learning - thanks for access to recording and Q&A. #CFHE12 #education #technology 2012-10-18T07:47:53Z

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