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November 3, 2012

Participants' Blog Posts

This is a list of the blog posts mentioning the 'CFHE12' keyword or tag harvested from the list of blogs submitted by participants.

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future challenges
T, lucidTranslucent
o ato de avaliar gera imensos debates. E este debate sempre foi direcionado para o aluno: se alcançou o aprendizado daquilo que se pretendeu, na disciplina, pelo curriculo e professores e instituição.Mas apesar de que tais praticas avaliativas ,que tomaram força em ambientes academicos a partir do sec. XX ( anos 20) , serem pensadas em direção do aluno, os debates nunca se posicionaram efetivamente para a pratica dos professores e instituiçoes, com tanto vigor quanto o... [Link] 2012-11-03T07:58:00.003-07:00 [Comment]

Twitter Posts

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@larrylugo tweeted: #LearningAnalytics for Communities of Lifelong Learners: A Forum Case https://t.co/LmmV5AgV via @lernys #CFHE12 2012-11-03T19:03:06Z

@larrylugo tweeted: Can MOOC's Save Higher Education? Five observers weigh the impact of MOOC's http://t.co/L2ZKrdZt #CFHE12 2012-11-03T18:58:47Z

@larrylugo tweeted: Enhancing #LearningAnalytics in Distributed Personal Learning Environments https://t.co/Ak5f6ZYY #ple #CFHE12 via @lernys 2012-11-03T19:05:13Z

@larrylugo tweeted: @AlisonSeaman Thanks for sharing in #CFHE12, happy weekend! 2012-11-03T17:50:57Z

@koutropoulos tweeted: interesting #cfhe12 post --> MOOCs and the Teaching Profession (via @Pocket) http://t.co/w8rzjEvf 2012-11-03T17:07:36Z

@larrylugo tweeted: @veecam Thanks for sharing and kind greetings! #CFHE12 #eBook #MOOC 2012-11-03T17:55:46Z

@sppitt tweeted: RT @lrndeveloper: RT @lrndeveloper: Starting to watch the #masonfuture videos. Thanks To GMU for sharing them! #highered #comm_college #CFHE12 2012-11-03T14:36:37Z

@lrndeveloper tweeted: Starting to watch the #masonfuture videos. Thanks To GMU for sharing them! #highered #comm_college #CFHE12 2012-11-03T14:35:35Z

@Click4Koru tweeted: Did not know MOOC either?The five big trends shaping higher education -background for MOOC #CFHE12 http://t.co/EJYiTiXs via @LouisMMCoiffait 2012-11-03T11:36:46Z

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