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November 2, 2012

Participants' Blog Posts

This is a list of the blog posts mentioning the 'CFHE12' keyword or tag harvested from the list of blogs submitted by participants.

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Analytics and Action
Marc Lentini, Malapert on scriptogr.am
I was talking two different languages this morning with our Institutional Researcher. She's currently in the market for tools that make sense of SIS data in ways that look a lot like predictive analytics for at-risk student populations. I was talking about using Angel (our current LMS/VLE) for real-time-ish early warning. Specifically, Angel can be set so a report of performance on an assessment is delivered to an instructor's email box. Simon Buckingham Shun's presentation to #CF... [Link] Fri, 02 Nov 2012 14:21:00 -0400 [Comment]

Competency and (vs?) Creativity, Part 2
Marc Lentini, Malapert on scriptogr.am
If there's a fault in the recent narrative about xMOOCs revolutionizing education, it's oversimplification. Come to think of it, that's a fault in almost any discussion about changing education. In particular, each new "innovation" is presented as a one-size-fits-all, winner-take-all proposition. Yesterday's post about competency- vs. creativity-based learning is a good example. Although that sounds like a committee solution -- "why don't we do both!" -- there's spa... [Link] Fri, 26 Oct 2012 12:55:00 -0400 [Comment]

F3.4 Friday’s Favourite Finds
brainysmurf1234, Connecting the dots
Continuing to leap over hurdles of resistance,  this is my fourth week of F3.  Feel free to share with others who are outside of #oped12 and #cfhe12 as you wish.  Enjoy! Covey asks "Are you leading or managing?" in an upcoming learning event on building trust Nov. 14, 1:00pm EDT   Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project [...] [Link] Fri, 02 Nov 2012 19:31:02 +0000 [Comment]

Sal Khan’s History of (the structure of) Education
Rolin Moe, All MOOCs, All The Time
In a video interview with Forbes magazine, Sal Khan worked through a history of education, starting with an industrial view of the classroom experience (which Khan calls the Prussian model) and ending with Internet-based personalized learning such as his Khan Academy. From this perspective, education has the potential to evolve from an age-defined small cohort model to [...] [Link] Fri, 02 Nov 2012 19:15:25 +0000 [Comment]

Twitter Posts

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@AnaCristinaPrts tweeted: The five big trends shaping higher education – background for MOOC #CFHE12 http://t.co/1mmRVlAD 2012-11-03T02:27:22Z

@rmit_csit tweeted: A MOOC on how MOOCs will affect HE and social media http://t.co/PcroDDPx #CFHE12 #HigherEd #edtech #ictev #edchat #teaching #learning 2012-11-03T02:25:13Z

@KAGE999 tweeted: LAK13 and SoLAR - http://t.co/W8RFRCWp #CFHE12 #Education #Leadership #LearningAnalytics #Research 2012-11-03T03:33:10Z

@KAGE999 tweeted: Carolyn H UBC: how apply learning network theory?? connect learners? select best form of comms? track influence? #CFHE12 #learninganalytics 2012-11-03T03:02:53Z

@KAGE999 tweeted: Simon B OU: literate leaders? share with the learner / peers? how build work skills? role of emotions? networks? #CFHE12 #learninganalytics 2012-11-03T02:32:51Z

@KAGE999 tweeted: Value of Learning Analytics for Educators and some valid concerns - http://t.co/OFOrSktt #CFHE12 #learninganalytics #Education #Technology 2012-11-03T00:25:39Z

@AlisonSeaman tweeted: Hi #CFHE12! Where is today's talk? I thought there was one right now? 2012-11-02T21:02:49Z

@BryanAlexander tweeted: @bonjohnston My wife + daughter are doing #NaNoWriMo this year, and find it very supportive + satisfying, @RMoeJo . A proto- #MOOC? #CFHE12 2012-11-02T21:07:52Z

@tmg2301 tweeted: 8 hours, no meetings, new (mac ready!) email system to set up, and two #cfhe12 blog posts to write. Music suggestions? 2012-11-02T16:37:17Z

@LouisMMCoiffait tweeted: RT @Ross_Renton: The five big trends shaping higher education - background for MOOC #CFHE12 http://t.co/Jepf7Qgt via @LouisMMCoiffait 2012-11-02T15:33:55Z

@bonjohnston tweeted: NaNoWriMo is successful as MOOC also due to taking care of the motivational needs of participants (peptalks, meters) @RMoeJo #CFHE12 #etug 2012-11-02T15:22:55Z

@saadat_m tweeted: Digital Literacies 101 – What MOOCs Really Teach | Inside Higher Ed | @scoopit http://t.co/3x9rL3h7 #mooc #oped2012 #cfhe12 2012-11-02T12:57:09Z

@dmonett tweeted: #CFHE12 #Oped12 The emergence of MOOCs – Part 1 | @scoopit via @dissid3nt_ http://t.co/Sh8EgsMx 2012-11-02T12:38:34Z

@IIEglobal tweeted: RT @LouisMMCoiffait: RT @LouisMMCoiffait: RT @KPMPhaidros: A broader perspective: 5 big trends shaping higher education - background for MOOC #CFHE12 http:// ... 2012-11-02T12:15:12Z

@dissid3nt_ tweeted: #CFHE12 #Oped12 The emergence of MOOCs – Part 1 | Learner Weblog http://t.co/N7g9NMxH #MOOC 2012-11-02T11:20:15Z

@LouisMMCoiffait tweeted: RT @KPMPhaidros: A broader perspective: 5 big trends shaping higher education - background for MOOC #CFHE12 http://t.co/Jepf7Qgt 2012-11-02T10:44:00Z

@JaapSoft tweeted: RT @Markfchris: Keeping MOOCs Open http://t.co/xn7l9Hm2 via @zite #oped12 #cfhe12 #ot12 Open Education 2012-11-02T10:01:19Z

@rmit_csit tweeted: A MOOC on how MOOCs will affect HE and social media http://t.co/A0EPghIg #CFHE12 #HigherEd #edtech #ictev #edchat #teaching #learning 2012-11-02T07:25:08Z

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