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October 21, 2012

Live Session: Monday, Oct 22

Deborah Quazzo, Founder and Managing Partner, GSV Advisors

Monday, October 22, 2:00 pm EDT  (Current offset: UTC/GMT -4 hours)  

American Revolution 2.0. How Education Innovation is Going to Revitalize America and Transform the U.S. Economy

Join the webinar here. No registration required. http://bit.ly/CFHE12Live [Comment]

Welcome to Week 3: Entrepreneurship and Commercial Activity

Startup and entrepreneurial activity in higher education is rapidly growing. In particular, Silicon Valley has shifted its attention to education, with increased capital flow and VC funding supporting these startups. Commercial activity in the education sector is not new. Publishers, software vendors, for-profit institutions, and consultants have long contributed to the higher education ecosystem. 

This week, we will consider higher education commercial activity from both the perspective of what is enabled and what is threatened by this activity.


The Big Shift: (read pages 4-20) http://www.deloitte.com/assets/Dcom-UnitedStates/Local%20Assets/Documents/us_tmt_2011shiftindex_111011.pdf 

Education Sector Factbook: http://gsvadvisors.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/GSV-EDU-Factbook-Apr-13-2012.pdf

Fall of the Wall: Capital Flows to Education Innovation: http://gsvadvisors.com/wordpress/wp-content/themes/gsvadvisors/GSV%20Advisors_Fall%20of%20the%20Wall_2012-06-28.pdf

Sampling of Ed Innovation Startups: (i.e. company profiles) http://gsvadvisors.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/GSV-ASU-EdInnovation-Summit-2012-Company-Profiles.pdf 

The evolution of edtech in Silicon Valley: http://chronicle.com/blogs/conversation/2012/09/18/the-evolution-of-ed-tech-in-silicon-valley/

How the internet is revolutionizing education: http://thenextweb.com/insider/2011/05/14/how-the-internet-is-revolutionizing-education/

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Check out Audrey Watters' Hack Education: http://www.hackeducation.com/index.php [Comment]

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Social Learning in Independent Spaces?
Rolin Moe, All MOOCs, All The Time
I recently posted a response to a research paper by Terry Anderson which looked at the various modes of interaction across learning platforms and spaces. ¬†Among the important and interesting notes was Anderson’s assertion that high quality learning could happen if one of three interactions (student-student, student-teacher or student-content) was of a high quality, regardless [...] [Link] Sun, 21 Oct 2012 20:55:36 +0000 [Comment]

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@KevinBarhydt tweeted: RT @BryanAlexander: RT @BryanAlexander: ACE report on the future of higher education, http://t.co/L1Bksvj2 #FutureHigherEd #CFHE12 2012-10-22T02:39:06Z

@gsiemens tweeted: RT @marksmithers: RT @marksmithers: Anybody at #FutureHigherEd should really be following #cfhe12 cMOOC for a different and highly informed set of opinions. 2012-10-22T02:33:07Z

@BryanAlexander tweeted: ACE report on the future of higher education, http://t.co/L1Bksvj2 #FutureHigherEd #CFHE12 2012-10-22T02:23:10Z

@lisacluett tweeted: scheduled Monday events on hold as i tune in to #futurehighered livestream and check out #cfhe12 (thx @marksmithers) for #MOOC discussion 2012-10-22T02:13:30Z

@marksmithers tweeted: Anybody at #FutureHigherEd should really be following #cfhe12 cMOOC for a different and highly informed set of opinions. 2012-10-22T02:09:56Z

@koutropoulos tweeted: Great #cfhe12 presentation from week 1 on MOOCs http://t.co/TqR2WfhV 2012-10-21T21:22:06Z

@koutropoulos tweeted: Interesting #cfhe12 recording that might be of interest to #blendkit2012 http://t.co/brtAi0wk 2012-10-21T20:53:37Z

@KAGE999 tweeted: Fred Hurst N AZ Uni interesting personal, modular learning - combo OER/developed content #CFHE12 #Education #Technology #learninganalytics 2012-10-21T20:42:09Z

@KAGE999 tweeted: Fascinating S NH Uni short online session on innovative competency-based enterprise driven by peers & coaches #CFHE12 #Education #Technology 2012-10-21T20:23:11Z

@laurenpressley tweeted: fun #cfhe12 article. disruption not a new concept, but enjoyed reading about the highered startups http://t.co/LyToajvD 2012-10-21T18:16:37Z

@ClaudioDarin tweeted: #CFHE12 Universities and HEI mus embrace hybrid and blended approaches, students want it, the world needs it only faculty & HEI lag behind 2012-10-21T18:06:02Z

@veecam tweeted: #CFHE12 Online education: can we bridge the digital divide? http://t.co/LiwZqEXc via @conversationedu 2012-10-21T14:46:40Z

@larrylugo tweeted: @MARIANICER En el MOOC #CFHE12 esta semana estudiamos Pedagogía en la red. Cada día más interesante. Súmate en https://t.co/yLpI8fXQ Saludos 2012-10-21T14:45:03Z

@veecam tweeted: #CFHE12 A little bit more conversation: the limits of online education | @scoopit via @Popenici http://t.co/5j4pASNR 2012-10-21T14:37:58Z

@strictlykaren tweeted: RT @mhawksey: RT @mhawksey: was having problems with the official #cfhe12 ompl feeds bundle http://t.co/H6ZMT2zS I've scraped better one http://t.co/E ... 2012-10-21T13:47:43Z

@MARIANICER tweeted: RT @larrylugo: RT @larrylugo: @MARIANICER En el MOOC #CFHE12 esta semana estudiamos Pedagogía en la red. Cada día más interesante. Súmate en https://t. ... 2012-10-21T14:48:41Z

@robinwb tweeted: “@cpappas: #elearning Minnesota Did NOT Kick Coursera Out Of The State - An article from Ars Technica... http://t.co/Y0ZNaJKZ#CFHE12 2012-10-21T12:47:02Z

@robinwb tweeted: “@mhawksey: I've scraped better one http://t.co/iRXr3rO9" Check out the feed page for participants blogs n stuff. #cfhe12 2012-10-21T12:38:06Z

@mhawksey tweeted: @robinwb you mean the incomplete one with only 5 blogs? #cfhe12 2012-10-21T12:58:51Z

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